Roadside blue box clinics

North Star Alliance

Providing Access To Healthcare To Mobile Workers And Remote Populations

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North Star Alliance, Tanzania


A long-standing partner of the Puma Energy Foundation, North Star Alliance’s mission is to bring down barriers to health services and provide accessible healthcare for mobile people and hard-to-reach communities. People on the move, such as truck drivers, not only are often out of reach of traditional health systems, but they could also play a pivotal role in the spread of diseases.

To address this complex issue, North Star Alliance has created an innovative system of roadside clinics, situated in hotspots where truck drivers frequently pass by. Services such as HIV counselling and testing, information on sexual health, primary healthcare for malaria and tuberculosis are offered to truck drivers and to the communities they interact with, such as sex-workers and populations living along the main transport routes. In addition, truck drivers receive information and training on safe driving practices.

Key Achievements of North Star Alliance

The Puma Energy Foundation’s contribution helps maintain six clinics in Tanzania, which provide services such as HIV counselling and testing, information on sexual health, and primary healthcare for malaria and tuberculosis. The clinics do not only serve truck drivers; sex workers and people from the communities living along the transport routes can also access health services there. In 2019, 12,914 truck drivers, 6,110 community members and 2,864 sex workers were served in North Star Alliance's clinics in Tanzania.

Truck driver Mustapha Zakaria attended a Blue Box outreach event. “I got information on the use of condoms and how it would help me to avoid getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. I did use condoms every once in a while, but after I was educated here I knew I had to use condoms every time I had sex,” he explains.