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Centre for vocational training to provide youth with business training in Myanmar - Concluded

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Swiss Academy For Development (SAD), Myanmar


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

The Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) is a practice-oriented organisation that promotes development opportunities for young people and encourages their participation in society. In Yangoon, Myanmar, SAD has created a centre for vocational training (CVT) whose ultimate purpose is to provide youths with business management skills, entrepreneurial spirit and life skills for the successful implementation of their income-generating projects. The opening of the country has prompted social change, but almost 40% of 25-64 year olds are without regular paid work. Puma Energy Foundation funds SAD in Yangon, which gives a boost to youth owned small businesses. 

Key Achievements Of SAD

2016’s figures show the project’s success. 11 new enterprises were created. 29 businesses improved through solid business plans and improved management procedures. 28 training units were attended by 71 young women and 72 men, aged 18-35. 7 loans were distributed to winners of the business plan competition (USD 1,500 – 2,500 per person). 10 local business trainers benefited from SAD’s capacity building and coaching. Puma Energy Myanmar staff have been delivering guest lectures. In Myanmar, Puma Energy’s former General Manager, Jasper Camacho, was on the local CVT advisory board. He has personally invested in participants’ businesses. Daniel Matter, Director of Programmes, SAD, says, “Puma Energy staff are a powerful asset for our joint project in Myanmar. As guest lecturers, they share their knowledge and expertise in youth entrepreneurship courses, act as judges and venture capital investors in business plan competitions and encourage students through their presence for graduation ceremonies.”