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Improving access to safe water and sanitation In Malawi - Concluded

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(Programme concluded - The Foundation no longer supports this programme)

In Malawi, 40% of the rural families do not have access to safe water. Less than 10% of families are equipped with improved sanitation facilities and many diseases contribute to about 20% of the death among under-five children. Inter Aide is intended to replicate the successful Zomba District programme to the Phalombe District which is excluded from the large current projects of construction of water supply and sanitary infrastructures of the Malawi Government.

Key Achievements Of Inter Aide

On top of the agenda in 2016 was providing better lavatories for villagers: more than 1,000 families from 12 villages have access to new and improved latrines. What’s more, over 2,000 adults completed their training on adequate hygiene practices, and nearly 800 children were educated on these issues – important for reducing rates of diarrhoea. In the districts of Nacala-a-Velha, Monapo and Memba, committees are taking responsibility for managing and maintaining their water points. They can now repair pumps and instigate rules of use. Ultimately, the project aims to provide 15,000 beneficiaries with safe water and functioning latrines.